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Browsie Wax beads

Browsie Wax beads

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This hot wax for brows has been specially formulated at the request of many of our brow artists.

The brief for our exclusive eyebrow hot wax was to develop a wax that is easy to apply, can be seen clearly, making precise brow shaping possible and minimise the pain associated with hair removal.

Formulated with a subtle Jasmine scent, you can bring some magic to your Brow Bar. This wax will make brow and facial waxing a breeze and is sure to raise your brow game to another level.

Although our brief was to develop a hot wax for brows, many therapists will also find this a fantastic wax for facial hot waxing.

Browsie hot wax is packaged in a resealable 500g zip lock bag. No more breaking up wax with a hammer. Just pour the required amount into your wax pot.
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