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Diamond Gloss Top Coat - 15mL

Diamond Gloss Top Coat - 15mL

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Available in 15mL bottle.


Our Diamond Top Coat (UV/LED) is a high-gloss top coat – the perfect finishing touch to all your nail services. This is a “no wipe” top coat, which means you will not have to remove a sticky layer once cured – just apply, cure and voila!


Apply Diamond Top Coat over any gel or acrylic enhancement to create a high shine finish. This product can also be used with chrome pigment.


Cure this product in a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds for best results.


For best results:

  • Ensure It Is Stored And Used Away From Any Form Of UV Light, Including Overhead Lamps, Curing Lamps, Windows Etc
  • Do Not Let This Product Come In Contact With Skin – Continued Exposure To The Skin May Result In An Allergic Reaction.
  • Keep All Coats Very Thin
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