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Rosemary Embrace

Rosemary Embrace

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Grey - Scented Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish

Embrace the soothing essence of nature with our Rosemary Embrace scented gel. This invigorating fragrance combines the earthy warmth of rosemary with hints of fresh herbs, creating an aromatic symphony that evokes the serenity of a herb garden in full bloom. Let the invigorating scent of Rosemary Embrace awaken your spirit and revitalize your surroundings.

Formula & Curing time:

  • Fragrance: Rosemary. The scent is felt only when the gel is wet. 
  • Creme
  • 1-2 coats for a flawless finish
  • 2 minutes by UV Lamp, 1 minute by LED
  • Easy to remove by soaking in acetone or using our Gel Polish Remover.

Size of the bottle: 15 ml | 0.5 fl oz

Tips & Tricks for achieving long-lasting gel manicured nails:

  • Use base and top coat from the same line. Our products are designed to work together towards giving a strongest finish.
  • Avoid applying lotion or cuticle oil before the gel application as it will cause premature “lifting”.
  • Apply thin coats of color and cure between each layer. Darker colors require longer curing time than the lighter ones.
  • Avoid applying gel on your skin or cuticle area.
  • Cap the free nail edge which will create a protective seal around the tip and sides of the nail.
  • Aftercare: apply daily cuticle oils and avoid the first hours, after you have done your mani, soaking in hot water.

Application steps:

  • Prep your nails: ensure all cuticles are removed and pushed back from the nail plate, buff the nail plate to remove shine & clean with alcohol to remove all oils and dust.
  • Apply one layer of regular base coat gel and cure for 1-2 minutes under the UV/LED lamp.
  • Apply 1-2 thin coats of soak off gel color. Don't forget to cure in between layers (1-2 minutes under the UV/LED lamp).
  • Apply one layer of regular top coat gel and cure for 1-2 minutes under the UV/LED lamp.

Dipentaerythritol Hexaacrylate, Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, 1,1'-Oxydi-2-propanol, Methyl Dihydrojasmonate, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Dihydromyrcenol Dihydro Derivative, Benzyl Salicylate, Ethyl Linalool, Linalool, (S)-3,7-dimethyl-1,6-octadien-3-ol, Linalyl Acetate, Galaxolide, Ethylene Brassylate, Phenylbis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)-phosphine Oxide, pigments.

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