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Tan Bomb Exfoliating Body Strap

Tan Bomb Exfoliating Body Strap

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Tan Bomb's next BFF- our custom exfoliating body strap for those hard to reach areas! Supports Tan Bomb for effective removal of residual tan on your back, under the thighs and legs.


Use with Tan Bomb fake tan erasing bath bombs or use in the shower to remove dead skin cells or residual fake tan.


  • Works with the Tan Bomb as the ultimate tan removal duo
  • Eco friendly, Plant based Biodegradable viscose material (made from reeds)
  • Removes dry/dead/rough skin & Prepares the skin for an even tan application
  • Helps clear congested pores, Reduces acne & ingrown hairs
  • High quality thick material -2 x thicker then normal exfoliating gloves)
  • Eliminates harsh scrubbing with uniquely woven material designed to prevent over exfoliating
  • Re-useable & Australian owned
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